Employee Performance Evaluation & Appraisal Calculation using Data Mining

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Employee performance reporting provides a simple visual way to compare performance and engagement individually and across the entire company. When you can see which teams, managers, and employees are working well, you gain insights into how to help the areas and people who need extra attention.
Creating, tracking, and collaborating on goals in this web application creates the always-on, formal feedback channel that modern employees crave. Staying on top of employee goals is easy, too automated reminders and notifications alert you to new comments, goal progression, and goal completion.
Once a new task will be generated by the admin for the manager with details such as Task ID, Task name, Days to complete and Stages. Admin can view all the completed task with every stage details. System allows admin to evaluate employee’s performance based on Manager Rating, Co-Worker Rating and Milestone Achieved of a tasks. All the newly added task will be displayed to respective manager for assigning it to multiple employees. Update the progress of each task with respect to stages and update the end date.

When all stages are completed then task will be shown with its complete details and manager can write a performance review for each employee for the respective task and rating will be auto calculated and stored into the database. All the added employee’s details can be viewed and details can be edited by the manager. Employee can view their own profile once they log into the system. Employee can view their assigned task and the status of their task as well as previously assigned task. Employee can view their previous/completed task details and review co-workers performance and the rating will be auto calculated and stored into the database. Employee can track all the task details at one place on web portal. In case manager / employee forgot a password then he/she need to verify account details in order to receive password via mail.

  • Easily track employee goal details with every stages.
  • This system is easy to access and user-friendly.
  • Easy to manage employee details and allot a goal to the registered employees.
  • Employee can view their goals and task allotted to them at every stage.
  • Admin can evaluate employee’s performance by selecting between dates.
  • Active internet connection required.
  • Data should be entered properly otherwise, outcome may be inaccurate.

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