Employee Goal Tracking System

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The proposed project is a system that keeps a track of employees’ Goals along with their salary and assigns goal completion bonus too. The system first allows admin to insert and update employee payroll that includes employee salary, name address and other data into the system. The system then manages this data effectively and also allows admin to assign goals or targets to employees. As soon as the employee achieves his/her goal the admin can see the goals assigned to an employee and mark that particular goal as completed. The system then looks for the stars or importance assigned to that particular goal. After this the system credits some bonus amount in that employee salary who completed that goal. The admin may later assign other goals to employees and system itself tracks those goals. Each employee is assigned a login where they may view their goals.


  • Admin login: Admin is provided with a login from where he monitors and administers all the employees’ information and records.
  • Goal Assignment: Admin may assign goals to employees and view/edit their payroll.
  • Goal Completion: Admin may mark the goal as completed.
  • Salary crediting: The employee who achieved the goal automatically gets his salary credited with the goal completion bonus.
  • Employee View: Employee may view their own goals in their employee login.

  • System tracks the performance of the employees.
  • System manages payroll of the employee.
  • System tracks whether the particular goal assigned to the employee is completed on timely basis.
  • System credits bonus amount to the employees account based on the completion of the goals.
  • System does not check the actual work done by the employee it just examines whether assigned goal is completed or not.

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