E Banking Log System

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The E-Banking Log system features uses user behavior and location scanning to check for unusual patterns. These patterns include user characteristics such as user spending patterns as well as usual user geographic locations to verify his identity. If any unusual pattern is detected, the system requires re-verification. The system analyses user credit card data for various characteristics. These characteristics include user country, usual spending procedures. Based upon previous data of that user the system recognizes where Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm will be applied, where system will mine the previous transaction, and check if the current transaction exceeds the amount or system feels that the user is not official user then system will block him, or if system finds this user as Official then it will again send an OTP, if 2 times OTP entered is wrong then too account is blocked, and it can be unlocked by Admin.Checking a website if its authentic or not, just provide the site URL and system will scan if its blacklisted, is it fake, etc. Sometimes E-Banking websites sends user different URL like site.sbi.com, site3.sbi.com, etc. so hackers create same site like sitesbi.com *without ‘.’, so this can scan these kind of website.

  • The system stores previous transaction patterns for each user.
  • Based upon the user spending ability and even country, it calculates user’s characteristics.
  • More than 20 -30 % deviation of user’s transaction (spending history and operating country) is considered as an invalid attempt and system takes action.
  • User can make online payment securely.
  • Data mining algorithm used in this system provides better performance as compared to other traditional classifications algorithms.
  • With the help of this system user can also purchase products online without any hesitation.
  • If Internet connection fails, this system won’t work.
  • All e-banking websites related data will be stored in one place.

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