E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP

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In the proposed scheme, the user can easily and efficiently login into the system. We analyze the security and usability of the proposed scheme, and show the resistance of the proposed scheme to hacking of login credentials, shoulder surfing and accidental login. The shoulder surfing attack can be performed by the adversary to obtain the user’s password by watching over the user’s shoulder as he enters his password. Since, we have come up with a secure system schemes with different degrees of resistance to shoulder surfing have been proposed. In order to use this authentication system, user need to first register himself into this system by filing up the basic registration details. After a successful registration, user can access the login module where he/she need to first authenticate the account by entering the email id and password which was entered while registration. Once the email id and password is authenticated, the user may proceed with next authentication section where he/she need to select the type of authentication as QR (Quick Response) Code or OTP (One Time Password). Once the user selects the authentication type as QR Code, then system will generate a QR Code and send it to user’s mail id over internet. If user select’s OTP, then SMS will be sent on his/her registered mobile number. If the user passes the authentication, then system will redirect to the main page. The QR Code and OTP are randomly generated by the system at the time of login.

  • Helps users to login into their account more securely.
  • Stalker won’t be able to collect the password via shoulder surfing.
  • Complex password technique with easy user interface.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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