Distributed Dealership Network Analyzer and Sales Monitor

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These days we observe large enterprises in manufacturing business. These enterprises have their own dealership networks spread across geographical boundaries. At such time measuring the live sales across all networks cannot be accomplished through any manual method. Here we need to use internet to collectively get data from the live dealership networks and then process them at the system. This process completely automates the process since the data is fed by every dealer individually and the sales data goes directly to the system for the company to analyse and make future demand predictions. Here we propose to use a distributed system with company having a server/receiver application that communicates with dealership/client applications through the internet to get constant data feed. The client applications are designed to send sales data from time to time to server system. The server system thus constantly gets live feeds from dealerships all over the world. The server now uses analysis sorting methodologies to order the sales and then maps them geographically to check out the sales of in terms of sales, Geo, frequency and other criteria. This helps company to monitor sales and make future demand/supply predictions.

  • Admin can checkout live sales of all dealers in no time.
  • Admin can checkout sales of a particular dealer on a particular date, or sales of particular region in particular duration of time.
  • Result achieved from this search can be used for new business strategies which can be implemented for a particular time period.
  • Each Dealer has to maintain record, and enter transaction detail every time of new sale.

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