Detect Irregular moving objects and tracking based on color and shape in real-time

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Well what if you need to find a particular color in a live video ? The proposed software system aims to achieve the functionality using the dotnet library.

The steps are exceptionally straightforward:

  • Take videoframe from webcam
  • Use separating by given color using Euclidian shifting
  • Make greyscale
  • Discover objects by given size
  • Discover greatest object
  • Attract object position bitmap
    • To begin with, we will demonstrate how the proposed system functions. It can begin following by the default color dark and a color reach of 120, however you can change that progressively. To change color, utilize the color dialog to select a color, recollect weigh in the strong color box if your desired color is available in video or not.

      Real time video detection allows user to scan through video frames and check for the desired rgb valued objects. Our system detects and tracks those objects in real time.

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