Dental Caries Detection System

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Dental disease can be detected using image processing. Image contains noise and other environment interferences. Here we proposed a method to detect dental caries from image. Images can be analyzed manually but may prone to error and time consuming. Diagnosis of dental diseases is conventionally carried out with the help of radiographic films. As a result of noise and other environmental interferences, use of radiographic films introduces errors. This system will help dental practitioners to identify the caries with ease. Here we make use of MATLAB and it performs caries detection. We used image preprocessing phase for accurate result. Image is prone to noise and other environmental interferences so we used many image preprocessing steps to remove noise and other methodology to detect caries accurately. Image Segmentation is used to detect dental caries so system can separate caries from tooth. It would be easy and accurate to detect caries. If caries are not detected, tooth is definitely healthy. We used image processing methodology to track caries.Finally based on the connected component, system detects caries. This system involves image processing steps and detection of dental caries. The proposed system is able to detect dental caries with 50-60% success rate.

  • Saves Time
  • Provides accurate result
  • Works only on good quality images

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