Data Mining For Automated Personality Classification

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We come across areas where we have access to large amounts of person behavioural data. This data can help us classify persons using Automated personality classification (APC). In this project, we propose an advanced APC – automated personality classification system. We here use learning algorithms along with advanced data mining to mine user characteristics data and learn from the patterns. This learning can now be used to classify/predict user personality based on past classifications. The system analyses vast user characteristics and behaviours and based on the patterns observed, it stores its own user characteristics patterns in a database. The system now predicts new user personality based on personality data stored by classification of previous user data. This system is useful to social networks as well as various ad selling online networks to classify user personality and sell more relevant ads. Also the system is useful for government agencies to observe user personality and predict new user personality on a large scale.

  • This system will help many firms to market their products and also helps them to target the right customers.
  • Many users will get to know about their personality based on their personality traits.
  • This system is useful for the social networking sites which help these sites to increase their rating scale.
  • As the results are based on previous data stored in database, so the system will provide with appropriate result.
  • This system requires internet connection in order to access this application.
  • If user enters wrong personality traits the result will not match the personality of the person. So, the user must describe his personality correctly.

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