Daily Checklist and Daily Routine App

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Nowadays everyone has busy schedule, and many don’t have time to organize their everyday life, people face difficulties to manage their daily routines, to schedule time and focus on big tasks. To overcome these issues, we have come up with this daily routine application which will helps us to schedule our daily routine and maintain daily checklist. In this to-do list app, we can update our daily routine as well as weekly tasks. We can also delete and add the task from morning to night and set reminder, we can also see the previous task performed in previous months, weeks and days. We get reminders for a particular task through notification. This is how, we can schedule our tasks as per our timing and will help us to remind and complete every task in an easy and efficient way.

  • Saves time.
  • Helps in achieving goal.
  • Helps in planning and executing daily tasks.
  • One becomes completely dependent on the reminder set by this application.

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