Cursor Movement On Object Motion

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Here we proposed a system where cursor move through desktop and action will occur based on hand gesture. System will apply object movement based on RGB color. System will detect RGB color object which will act as mouse. We had imported java awt in this application. This library is imported in order to work with cursor. Webcam is used in this system to track the movement of the red, green and blue object. Based on the movement of object system will fire an event. System will get desktop screen size. System will acquire single frame from video. System will flip the frame for user friendliness. System will convert the image into binary image with the red,blue,or greeen objects as white. System will add bounding box around the object which is moved by the user around the display. Bounding box centroid is calculated. System will detect mouse point routine.

Cursor Movement On Object Motion

  • System will detect rgb object movement for mouse point routine.
  • System accuracy rate is 80-90%.

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