Construction Estimator Project

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The construction estimator project is made for builders and developers to estimate the raw materials and labor required to make a construction project(building,society, mall.etc).
The construction estimator system works as follows:

  • The system is fed with an estimate of the raw materials and other estimates that help a builder to estimate the amount of materials that are required to construct the project.
  • The system is also fed with the cost of various raw materials, so it automatically calculates the cost of those materials.
  • The system also consists of an estimate of the labor power needed to make the project.
  • It is also capable of calculating the number of days needed in project completion.
  • Construction estimator then calculates the labor per day cost with the number of days to calculate the labor cost estimate.
  • Thus the system then gives a final excel sheet that helps the builder to estimate the total project cost within minutes.

  • Developers can get a brief estimation of the materials and labor required instantly.
  • It reduces confusion and doubt.
  • Provides appropriate and accurate cost.
  • Flexible to use and user-friendly.
  • Saves money and resources.
  • Developers have to provide accurate data into the system. If some details are not available then it may create problem.

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