Computer Hardware Store Project

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A computer hardware store project consisting an efficient hardware inventory management system. This system is a web project used to manage a stock of various hardware projects in the backend and users may buy it online. The store consists of various computer hardware categories including hard-disks, monitors, Disk drives, keyboard, mouse and other various hardware products. Users may browse for various categories of computer hardware. Then they may select desired products to their shopping cart. The shopping cart is updated accordingly. After that users may pay through credit cards as demo verification and then a confirmation mail is sent to the user and transaction is recorded.

  • User can view details of the parts without going anywhere.
  • It is convenient for users as this system provides accurate cost and description of the system.
  • The website is flexible to be used and for e-shopping.
  • User can view different categories of product of different brands at a single place.
  • The products are delivered to the customer in his/her house so this becomes more convenient for them.
  • The system calculates bill instantly and user can pay online.
  • Hence the system saves time, efforts and cost.
  • The user cannot view the product in person.
  • There is no human interaction.
  • There can be fraud and security problems.

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