College Selector App

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The project college selector system is an android application where students can search and enroll for different colleges that they want. Student can search for the colleges through their mobile phones at anytime and anywhere. This system is developed for students looking out for admission in best colleges. Also it will help colleges to get more students being enrolled into the institute. The system will provide a list of colleges to students from which they can select their required college. After selecting the college, student has to give a test in order to enroll themselves for the admission. Students have to give the test and the results are displayed on the spot by the system to the student. The system also sends the result to respective colleges for evaluation purposes along with student’s details. Hence the initial procedure of conducting an admission can be automated through this system.

The features and modules of the project are as follows:

1. Admin login: The system will be under sole control of an admin who provides inputs to the system. Admin will update or add/delete different colleges from the system.
2. Student login: Any student can login into the system by creating an account. He has to provide all the required information that is needed by a college by filling out a form.
3. College list and Selection: After creating a login into the system, each student can see a list of colleges along with their details. Student can select different colleges as per their preference.
4. Test: On selecting a college, an online objective test will be conducted.After the test submitted by student the system calculates the test marks by comparing student’s answers with original answers in database and provides result to students on the spot.
5. Test result sent to colleges: The system sends these test results of every student to respective colleges selected by student via email. It also sends respective students details along with the result for evaluation purposes.
6. Student feedback form: Students can also give their reviews about this system by filling up a feedback form in the system.

  • The system automates the manual procedure of applying for admission in colleges
  • No need for students to go to different college for applying for admissions or enquiry. They can get a brief list of all the colleges at a single place
  • The system acts as a mediator between the student and college
  • It notifies the colleges of students enrolling for admission by emailing them so that it becomes easier for them to get students details and evaluate
  • By providing test results to colleges the system makes it more convenient for colleges to select appropriate candidates
  • The system is convenient and flexible to be used
  • It saves their time, efforts, money and resources
  • The system does not check for the student’s identity as there can be fake entries
  • There is no human interaction
  • The system can be used for universities that have different colleges under it
  • It can also be implemented in school’s admission