Cloud Based Attendance System

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An attendance system allows to add the attendance of the employee/student who is present on that day. The user has to login and scan their identity card to mark their attendance. As the card has been scanned, the details like id number, date, in-time, out-time are saved in the database. The database will be stored into the azure cloud which will form a dedicated connection between application and cloud server via internet. With the in-time and out-time data stored in cloud, the admin can calculate the working hours of the employees. The employees can view his personal details, attendance, in-time or out-time, total working hours after he/she logs into the system. This data is retrieved from the cloud database and can be accessed any time by the employee and the admin. The admin of the system can add new employee by registering the new employee and filling up their registration details. The admin is authorized to view the records of all the employees. This system allows to keep up to date record of the employee. As, the project files and a database file will be stored into the Azure cloud, the project will be accessed in the web browser through Azure link.

  • User can’t add proxy attendance.
  • The database is secured as it is stored in an Azure cloud server.
  • Employee working hours is calculated systematic manner.
  • Since, Employee working hours are calculated which enables user to easily calculate the salary and over time.
  • Needs active internet connection or else the attendance won’t be recorded.

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