CCTV Theft Detection & Tracking

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Here we propose a camera footage based theft detection along with thieves tracking based on motion. For this purpose we use image processing to detect theft occurrence and motion tracking to track thieves in CCTV footage. System allows to enhance theft detection without use of sensors. This application uses foreground detector and blob analysis to detect motion of thief. This system focuses on detecting objects. Here we don’t process the entire video but we work on initial video frame in which the moving objects are segmented from the background. Here we applied image preprocessing steps in order to remove undesirable noise and we used some image processing methodology to fill gaps in the detected objects. We used blob analysis methodology to detect connected component. System rejects smaller objects. Finally motion of large object is detected and surrounded by bounding box. System will detect the thief and beep sound will be generated this can be later replaced by sms notifications or remote alerting systems.

  • Fully Automated System
  • Efficient use of Image Processing.
  • Motion Tracking for better and fast theft analysis.
  • No Remote Alerting.
  • Moderate Accuracy.

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