Mechanical Projects

3 Speed Gearbox Mechanism

Download Project Document/Synopsis Gearboxes or also commonly called gear reducers or enclosed speed reducers are used on many electromechanical drive systems. Gearboxes, are essentially multiple open gear sets contained in a housing. The housing supports bearings and shafts, holds in lubricants, and protects the components from surrounding conditions. Gearboxes are available in a wide range …

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Design and Fabrication of Bucket Conveyor System

Download Project Document/Synopsis Bucket conveyors are used in industries for lifting materials at heighted containers or other conveyors. Bucket conveyors move items (regularly total or mass) vertically through responding buckets. The conveyor is made of an interconnected loop of box/buckets that stay level while moving from horizontal to vertical, keeping their items from pouring out. …

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Motorized Solar Scarecrow Bird Animal Repellent

Download Project Document/Synopsis Birds, known to assume a significant part in fertilization, putting a mind bothersome bugs and rodents, could likewise be causing uncommon diminishing in crop yields by obliterating them, as per a report, which calls it as an arising worry in agriculture. The avian species cause losses in agriculture by harming crops during …

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