Canteen Automation System using Android

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This system also prominently relieves the burden on the canteen’s end, as the entire method of taking orders is computerized. Once an order is placed on the android phone, it is entered into the database and then retrieved, in pretty much real-time, by a desktop application on the canteen’s end. Within this application, all items in the order are displayed, along with their equivalent options and supply details, in a summarizing and easy to read manner. This allows canteen staffs to speedily go through the orders placed by scanning the QR code from student’s android phone and produce the needed items with minimal delay and confusion.

  • Order can be placed using personal android phones
  • Single and individual Admin Panel and login for each Canteen
  • Detailed summary of orders placed with option to search orders, update order status, print orders, etc
  • QR code will be generated on every order
  • Requires an active internet connection
  • Requires Android phone if user is ordering

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