Blockchain based Personal Identity Security System

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Identity theft is the unauthorized acquisition of another person’s confidential information in order to misuse it. Organizations and individuals should exercise caution when it comes to protecting their identities in order to avoid fraud as a result of identity theft. This information is freely available to attackers in user profiles. Attackers use this information to obtain additional information without raising suspicions about a final attack, identity theft, or fraud.

The blockchain is a decentralized storage system that stores data in a sequence of blocks connected by cryptographic hashing of previous blocks. In this project, the front-end involves Html, CSS, and JavaScript and the back-end involves ASP.NET. The IDE used is Visual Studio and the database is MSSQL. Our blockchain-based Personal Identity Security System assists in securely storing personal identity data without fear of it being compromised or lost.

In this system, the admin can all the users and verify those accounts. The admin has access to all of the user’s documents that have been uploaded to the system. They can view all of the user’s activity logs. The admin can view the status and see if any fabrication is taking place. The admin can view the user’s complaints.

To log in to the system, the user must first register; once the account has been verified by the admin, the user can log in with a username and password. The user can update the profile as needed. The user can manage their documents in the system by adding, updating, and deleting them. All documents uploaded by the user are also verified by the admin. The user can view the QR Code as well as the status of the documents that are being fabricated.

The user can view if logs have been updated or deleted, as well as the status of fabricated document details. If a user discovers a fabrication or an action that they did not perform, they can notify the admin. The user can view all of the details by scanning the QR Code. They can add and verify all the documents with the ledger.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • If a user discovers any fabrication, they can easily notify the admin.
  • The user can also view document details by scanning the QR Code.