Blockchain Based Antiques Verification System

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Nevon Blockchain Based Antiques Verification System
nevon software

Instead of using paper forms to determine the value of antiques, this system automates the entire process. The Antique Verification System is an excellent electronic replacement for the traditional verification method.

Increased security in hostile environments is just one of the many advantages that blockchain technology offers in a wide range of industries. Blockchain is a linked list that employs Hash Pointers rather than regular pointers. This allows each blockchain node to not only locate the next node but also verify whether the data in that node has changed.

This is a simple application based on blockchain that collects antique item information and pricing. The data in this application will be saved and accessible at any time. The factors of ownership are something that the user possesses. Antiques are marked and identified by the Antique Verification System to ensure their authenticity and originality. This system helps to ensure that all items bearing security and serial numbers are genuine and not imitations.

In Antiques Verification System, the admin has the authority to manage antiques i.e., they can add any new antiques, make modifications to the previous old ones or delete any antiques in the system. While adding the new product to this system, the admin has to add product information, product serial id, date of manufacture, origin, life etc. They must also include the owner’s information, as well as product information and pricing.

For users to access information, they have to register their account and log in using a username and password. The user can modify their profile accordingly and if they want to change their account password, they can create a new password. Here, the user can add new antiques, update, delete and etc. Furthermore, the user has to enter product details and last owner information, which will be verified by the administrator.


  • It automates the valuation of antiques, eliminating the need for paper valuation forms.
  • It also helps identify antiques and ensures their authenticity and originality.
  • Due to the encryption feature, Blockchain is always secure.
  • Blockchain data structures harden network security by reducing single-point-of-failure risk, making a database breach difficult.
  • Blockchain eliminates unauthorized access, each user in the blockchain has their key.