Bikes & Scooters Rental System

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In this framework we can procure bike and scooter on rents. For travelling for more than 1-month you can hire a bike or scooter on rent. Seller will put their bicycles and bikes on lease, the clients can choose the bikes/scooters according to the accessibility, after choosing bike/scooter of their choice they can book and pay online. This rental system has three modules namely Admin, User and Vendor. Admin can login, can add, update and delete vendors information and also bikes list. He/she can view bookings, user and feedbacks given by users. Users can register on the website and then login, can check of availability of bikes and book the bike of his/her choice and pay accordingly. Vendor’s can login, update and delete the bikes/scooters list and also can view bookings.

  • Get bikes and scooters easily on rent
  • It works only on internet

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