Behavioural Analysis using Gamification Techniques

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Brain games help in sharpening certain thinking skills that tend with age, such as processing speed, planning skills, reaction time, decision making, and short-term memory. In this system, we have four brain games included in one application.
1. Card and Seek- shows the player one of the cards from a deck for a second and then asks them to identify the card. (Say D3 for 3 of diamonds) the game works for 30 seconds and then displays the score. The game tests photographic memory.
2. Colour Match- Response Inhibition, the ability to suppress impulsive responses that interfere with accomplishing goals. A timer is assigned as the player continues with the game (30 seconds). Shows the scores at the end of the game. (An example is attached below).
3.Memory Matrix- A form of memory involved in tracking location and position within an environment. It starts with a 2×2 matrix in which there are randomly highlighted boxes. The next image is that of the plain matrix and the previously highlighted boxes are to be selected. The last level is a 5×5 matrix. The game has a 2-minute timer. The score is displayed to the end of the game. 10 points for clearing it in the first attempt. Reduction of 1 point every time a wrong box is selected. If the player provides the wrong answer more than 2 times consecutively, the level resets. Required for testing Spatial Recall.
4. Make Way – the format of this game is the same as that of the memory matrix, the only difference is that the player must connect two dots avoiding the previously highlighted dots. The game duration is 2 minutes. Displays score after the game’s over. Spatial Recall.
This application displays result in summary in the form of bar graph after every player uses it and also show where the player is lacking. The data collected will be used to make a summary of behavioural analysis obtained via gamification techniques. The database must also show the score of the players in descending order which can be used further.

  • User will get to play four different games in one application.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • User will also get result on basis of their skills.
  • It needs active internet connection.

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