Automatic Pneumatic Powered Can Crusher Machine

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Pneumatic Powered Can Crusher



Can crushing has been used by people for compression of cans after usage for a long time. Crushing cans by bare hands Is a difficult and very strenuous process. So here we propose a pneumatic based can crushing system that allows for fully automated can crushing. This is a very useful system for hotels/restaurants/public places where a large quantity of cans need to be disposed off. The can crusher can automatically hold cans in queue and crush them one at a time. The system uses pneumatic piston in a particular arrangement with supporting frame having vertical holders and can pushing system. The vertical roller based system is used to push cans through the arrangement. Once the cans reach the bottom a sensor detects this and pushes one can at a time through the roller into the crushing chamber. After a can is pushed the electronics system now operates the pneumatic piston. The piston now pushes the can to compress it against the bed mounted on the other side. This helps to achieve desired compression of can. Once this is done the piston pulls back and the system automatically and the compressed can is ejected by the mechanism from the bottom of the machine and next can is pulled in. This ensures efficient compression which helps in easy storage and disposal of cans.

  • Parts
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Pneumatic Pipes
  • Pneumatic Fittings
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Supporting Bed
  • Crushing Bed
  • Supporting Frame
  • Mounts & Joints
  • Can Tray Assembly
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Advantages
  • Automatic Can Crushing
  • Efficient & Consistent Compression
  • Easy Garbage Disposal

Block Diagram

Pneumatic Material Separator

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