Automated Institute System

The “Institute Automation System” software project is primarily targeted to organize and automate process of staff and student attendance with an additional feature of Sending notification or reminder (SMS) to Members of the College that is Staff, important Notifications to students and parents and also calculation of payroll. Can be efficiently used as It projects for students or for automating institute work.

The software system is responsible for maintaining attendance records of all the staff and the students. Sending urgent notification or reminder (SMS) to the college members or to parents is one of the functions of the systems. It also generates Barcode ID for every staff member and students through which they can mark their attendance by flashing it on barcode reader.

The project is developed in VB.NET as it provides managed code execution that runs under the Common Language Runtime (CLR) resulting in robust, stable and secure application. MS SQL SERVER 2005 is being used as backend. The most frequently used tools of MS SQL SERVER 2005 are Enterprise Manager, Query analyser, SQL Profiler, Service Manager, Data Transformation Service and Book Online.

The system will be beneficiary to any institute especially College or an organization for the automated attendance process and Payroll calculation

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