Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android

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The main aim of this project Canteen management system is to provide fast services to their college students, Staffs etc. Usually People have to go to canteen and order the foods and they have to wait in queue for a long time to get the orders. But with the help of this you just have to follow a very simple process to order your stuffs. And you need not to wait in the long queue.

This website will provide the list of different menu list with different categories. User can select any item from canteen and can order for it by using debit card payment or wallet Payment. Wallet Recharging available with debit card details or admin can add amount in user’s wallet.

Users have to register with valid details and OTP which will get sent to their mobile number to login with canteen. Users also get recommendation for food items, Trending food items.

Canteen Management system manages the all details of food items which contains name, description, image, price etc. Admin can view the confirm order and update the status of the order accordingly.

Customer can check their balance, order history and able to delete the order according to order status.

  • Completely automated online ordering of food in a canteen.
  • Order can be placed using personal android phones.
  • Food ordering pages that look and feel exactly the same as the existing restaurant website.
  • Food ordering pages hosted on secure and special server so no risk of customers getting redirected to servers where competitors’ websites are listed.
  • Developed using the latest website programming protocols for minimum server loads and ultra-fast loading and processing.
  • Requires an active internet connection.
  • Requires Android phone if user is ordering.

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