ATM Detail Security Using Image Steganography

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Now you can securely perform your ATM transactions with the help of this system as it provides 3 level of security. This system works as follows. Once the user enters the PIN, the user is prompted to enter the OTP (One Time Password) which is a 4-digit random password sent by the server to the user’s registered mobile number. On cross verification with the data stored in the system database, the user is allowed to make a transaction. The underlying mechanism involves combining the concepts of Cryptography and Steganography. The PIN and OTP are encrypted using AES 256. Then the encrypted data is steganographed with the image selected by the user which acts as the BASE image. The Steganographed image is sent to the server, where it is de-steganographed and verified with the data available in the system database.

  • This system provides 2 level of security as it not only encrypts the message but also performs image steganography by sending the encrypted message along with the image.
  • The system provides one more level of security as the user receives OTP once it enters the PIN which it needs to provide to the system for proceeding with the payment.

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