Android Voting System

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This application provides is a new technique of casting votes using mobile phones. Android voting system is an application developed for android devices to deploy an easy and flexible way of casting votes anytime and from anywhere. The application is especially developed for organizations to get employees votes for any new policy regulation or issues. The issues or arguments are fed into the system by the admin. Employees can then cast their vote as yes or no. One voter can only post one vote for an argument. Each and every vote casted is stored in the database for the respective argument. At the end of the voting process the system counts the total votes and generates a brief report of it to the admin. Thus the app helps the company to get proper feedback of the employees.

  • The system can be used anytime and from anywhere by the employees.
  • It excludes the use of manual voting process.
  • Employees can keep themselves updated with all things going on in the organization.
  • No one can cast votes on behalf of others and multiple times.
  • Saves time and reduces human intervention.
  • It makes employees happy as their opinions are considered for the matters in organization.
  • Admin can get instant result.
  • The system is flexible and secured to be used.
  • Every employee must have an android device for casting the vote.

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