Android Based Universal Ticketing Project

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We need ticket in order to travel by train or bus. Either to get ticket or to make pass for particular period we have to wait in long queues. This will increase our time of journey. This will also lead to miss those buses and trains which we decided to travel. This system will increase paper work. There are more chances of losing the ticket which will end up with hectic situation. To overcome these issues we proposed a system where user can book bus or train ticket via android phones. User can even book passes for bus and train. There is another module which is included in this system where ticket collector or user can check the validity of ticket. By entering the user’s id and ticket id. Ticket collector can check the validity of the ticket. After ticket booking user will get unique id through which ticket collector can check the ticket. User have to register by filling up the details. After registration he will get unique id which is provided by the system. User will use the id and password to login to the system. Once the user logins to the system, system will display user dashboard. User has to specify the source and destination places he wants to travel and other details required by the system. System will automatically calculate the amount for the journey. To book passes for train and bus user had to specify pass type i.e Monthly, quarterly, yearly basis. User can add balances by specifying the card details. Amount will be deducted based on booked tickets and passes user can refill the balances via card. Ticket checker will login to the system using his id and password. Ticket checker can enter ticket id and user id in order to check the validity of ticket. Admin can add train and bus details, view train checker and user details. Admin can even add ticket checker details. Admin can update train and bus details due to some modification. Admin can add balance for the user by mentioning the user id and amount. This system helps to reduce paper work and time. User can book the ticket anywhere and at anytime.

  • This system will reduce paper work and time.
  • This system helps to track train and bus details online.
  • User can easily book ticket or passes faster.
  • User doesn’t have to wait in long queues.
  • User can book ticket anywhere and at anytime via this system.
  • User must have smart phones to use this system.
  • If internet connection fails, users won’t be able to access the system.

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