Android Smart Health Monitoring System

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As the name states Smart Health Monitoring System is a smart AI which calculates almost everything you need to take care of your health. The System helps in

  • BMI Level,
  • Diet Monitoring,
  • Diet Suggestions,
  • Footstep monitoring,
  • Sleep Suggestion,
  • Water Alarm.

So the user has to just register into the system by giving his personal details and physical attributes and the rest, the system takes care of everything.
The Food items with its fats, carbs and proteins level are already stored in the database and the user can also add new food, which will help the system to monitor the users diet and accordingly suggests.

  • The User has to Login to use the app features.
  • The system guides the user about his diet intakes.
  • The System shows the bar of his intake level to let the user know about his limit.
  • System also suggests the user about the food he should have.
  • System lets the user know about his water and sleep intake.
  • Data Changes when the user updates his physical attributes.
  • It requires an active internet connection.
  • The user should provide correct information to get the right output.

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