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Nevon Android Personal Safety App
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With the help of ever-evolving internet technology, we can now stay connected with anyone and from almost any corner of the world. The same widely spread internet network can be utilized to help out people in need of emergency. This android based safety application proposed here aims at raising alerts & send notifications if anyone is facing any emergency in the form of any threat from someone, health emergency, accidental emergency, etc.

The user can add his important contacts in the system whom he wants to inform in case of emergency. The user can send alerts through this application in the form of text, photo, video indicating an emergency along with other location details. The user can also receive alerts from his contacts in case they require any help. The users can also receive emergency information around their areas. In this way, this android-based safety application can help a group of people stay connected & help each other in case of any emergency in the least time possible.

This Application adds safety to the users by providing them the emergency information of their areas through timely notifications in their apps through an Admin portal which is also an android application. Users of Safety app can send threat alerts to the admin and the contacts added in the app. Admin when receives the threat then addressed the threat of the user which helps users of Safety app to reach for help and also alert its contacts.


  • User of application has to send threat only once which will be sent to its added contacts and the admin.
  • Quickest way to get notified of any emergency notification concerning your area through app notifications.
  • Only Trusted contacts can be added through OTP verification process.
  • Any form of threat can be sent through the application. It can be sent in form of an image/video/link or just plain text message informing about the threat.


  • User can send prank alert of threat through this app. But to address that Admin can mark it as a false alarm. Admin will have to first verify whether it is a false alarm or a real threat which wastes time and effort in case of a false alarm.
  • Any User can register into the app using fake registration details. Addition security layer of authentication during registration can be added.

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