Android – PC Chatting & Image Sharing System

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Chatting, image, audio and video sharing is possible between two or more people using mobile phones which is common now- a-days. This system enables user to send or receive messages and images with mobile phone and personal computer. This system involves two users where user can send messages, share images using their devices. Both the users must have this application to be installed in their devices in order to use the functionality of this system. For security purpose, system will encrypt and decrypt the images. So images are sent securely through network medium. This system enables the user to send messages from his mobile phone to the user using his personal computer. This system also enables the user to send and receive messages between two handheld devices i.e. mobile phones. This system requires good network connection. User can send or receive messages, images with their mobile phones as well as with their personal computers. This system is a web application in android technology. People can communicate with each other anywhere at any time. People can share their views. This system enables messages to be send between devices having two different operating system. This system is platform independent since this system works on different operating system. User can share their views by sending messages or images. User can feel this application to be visually appealing since it has an effective Graphical User Interface.

  • This system is platform independent since this system works on two different platforms.
  • System encrypts and decrypts images due to security reasons.
  • User can send and receive messages by using mobile phones or personal computers.
  • There is no group chatting. Only two users can communicate with each other.
  • No video or audio sharing.
  • During network failure this system does not work.

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