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Use of paper is increasing day by day. To make 1 ton of paper, many big and small trees are being cut down. About 20,000,000 trees are cut down annually for virgin paper, which are used for production of books. Over 30 million acres of forest are destroyed annually. The entire process of creating paper is damaging the environment. It starts off with a tree being cut down and ends its life by being burned, emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Chopping down trees decreases the amount of oxygen in the ecosystem, thus adversely affecting all other life-forms. To avoid these circumstances and reduce the use of paper this android application can be used. In this application, User needs to register first with basic registration details and needs to create valid login credentials in order to access the application. After successful creation of account, users can login using valid credentials and access the application. There will be list of documents where user can Add, Update and Delete Documents. While Adding Documents, the Documents will be verified by the Certificate Parameters from the Database. Documents are captured and can be resized or Cropped to get the correct edges. Documents are Uploaded on the Server through FTP. Users can share documents to the users who are registered in the system by searching them by Name or Shared Id. They can also view all the list of the documents shared, they can be downloaded and viewed. It will notify when the documents will be shared. By using this application, we can reduce the use of paper.

  • Reduced of paper use
  • Easy to transfer documents by just sitting at home
  • Documents can be safely maintained
  • It requires active internet

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