Android Graphical Image Password Project

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Picture Patten Locking System allows the user to set a Custom Picture may be from the gallery or click it instantly and set it as a Password. The Picture is then Divided into 9 parts and represented as a 3X3 Patten of Cubes for Authentication in any order i.e. they are scrambled. The User has to select all the Nine Cubes as per the Original Picture Row Wise similar to solving a puzzle. The Pictures are Stored in the Phones Device Memory with the Folder Named User’s Full Name Underscore User Id (username_userid). In this app if the user credentials are correct a Custom Calculator is opened, while you can use any app.

  • The Pattern Changes for every login.
  • The Picture can be any picture, a intruder cannot figure it out.
  • The Picture is broken down into 9 parts and the user has to figure part similar to a puzzle.
  • The Pictures stored in the Device Memory are also displayed in the Gallery.
  • Once a Cube is selected it can’t be deselected, the user has to reset which will change the pattern once Again.

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