Android College Attendance System

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We have seen the process of manual attendance that has been carried out over the years in all colleges. This manual attendance system is not only time consuming but also often results in false attendance marking. It is difficult to maintain paper and pen-based attendance sheets. So, here we have proposed an attendance monitoring system concept which will be implemented as an android application. This Android mobile application which will communicate with the database residing on a remote server. Using Packet Radio Service (GPRS) or Wi-Fi technology, this application can be connected to the database. Our system will be a user-friendly mobile application. This attendance system will be installed on teacher’s smartphone. It intends to produce an interface to the teacher who would require minimal details to input for marking of attending a particular class of students. Apart from that, the application would support robust user authentication and fast transmission of information via the net service. Lecturers will log onto the application and get connected to the server. After logging, they will take attendance using a mobile phone.

  • Calculating the attendance, it will too time consuming for the staff.
  • Improve the accuracy.
  • Less paper work.
  • No chance of the mistake while calculating the attendance manually.
  • Staff work will be less.
  • Small screen of the mobile is a big limitation and can lead to difficulty in marking the attendance of the system.
  • Limited storage capacity of the mobile is also a limitation in the system and due to this large number of records can’t be kept in the mobile.

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