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Nevon Android Carpool Ride Sharing App
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Over the past decade, problems related to traffic congestion have severely aggravated in city centres across the globe. This has occurred due to a wide variety of factors such as concentration of population in major cities, inadequate public transport facilities, increase in the quantity of private vehicles brought about by an improvement in standard of living, etc.
In such densely populated cities, carpooling or ride-sharing serves as the perfect alternative to taking your car out daily. Along with being a relatively cost-effective and frugal way of commuting, carpooling also benefits the environment by reducing the carbon footprint generated by every individual commuter.

Despite, its numerous benefits, finding people to carpool with often proves to be quite a tedious affair. Due to this, effective execution of carpool proves to be a challenge. This Android carpooling system has been developed to help encourage carpooling by helping users “offer a ride” in their vehicle or “find a ride” with other users.

Security is always a concern with ride-sharing as carpooling with strangers could prove to be risky. To address this issue and improve security, the admin has been given the sole authority to verify users. User can’t log in and access the modules unless their request has been verified by the admin. Along with being helpful for commuting, carpooling is also a viable method of inter-city or inter-state travel.

User has to create an account to offer or search for rides, along with that the account is verified by the Admin. User’s account goes to a pending state where the admin can accept or reject his profile post which the user will able to login & enjoy the features of the app. A User can either offer a ride or search for a ride for pooling. Let’s talk about offering a ride first, User can add any number of cars along with the desired amount (within a range) per km he wishes to charge the passengers. To offer a ride Source, destination, number of passengers for pooling, date, time and vehicle is added. User will see his ride under Rides Offered and if any user has enquired, he will get a accept or reject offer to become a passenger for pooling.

If accepted the passenger will be added to the list. The User has to start/end ride when he is starting his ride, where the passengers can view the location of the vehicle until it ends. To search a ride the user has to enter Source, destination, number of passengers for pooling, date, time if everything matches the criteria of date, time, location etc. the ride is shown, where the user can see the ride & ride owner details and can request to for the pooling. Once The ride owner accepts the ride, the user becomes a passenger and can track whether the ride is started/ended, location etc. and once the ride is done, he will be asked to do the payment, which he can pay by cash or dummy payment through the app. User can see his previous rides too but won’t be able to track anything, just the details. User can also view his transactions of credit & debit of the rides.


  • User can offer ride sharing services.
  • User can look for available carpools along their desired route.
  • Users can settle payments for ridesharing services on the app itself.


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.

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