Android Blood Bank

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This project acts as an important role in saving life of human beings and which is also its main aim. The project Android Blood Bank system is developed so that users can view the information about registered blood donors such as name, address, and other such personal information along with their details of blood group and other medical information of donor. The project also has a login page where in the user is required to register and only then can view the availability of blood and may also register to donate blood if he/she wishes to. This project requires internet access and thus there is a disadvantage of internet failure. Thus this application helps to select the right donor online instantly using medical details along with the blood group. The main aim of developing this application is to reduce the time to a great extent that is spent in searching for the right donor and the availability of blood required. Thus this application provides the required information in no time and also helps in quicker decision making.

  • This project has a login page which allows only the registered user to login and thereby preventing unauthorized access.
  • This system can be used to view all the donor details and accordingly select the right donor.
  • The android mobile user will be able make quick decision in selecting a donor.
  • Usage of this application will greatly reduce time in selecting the right donor.
  • The android mobile user will not be able to insert or view details if the server goes down. Thus there is disadvantage of single point failure.

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