Android based QR Parking Booking

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Parking is an issue in many countries due to lack of parking places, to overcome this many countries have come up with dedicated parking sites. We propose a complete parking System for the Parking sites. This system can help User as well as the Parking sites have a good management of booking and managing the sites. This system has 3 users; Admin who is responsible to manage Parking sites and Handlers who handle the Parking sites. Second user is the Handler who is responsible for the Parking Site Management. Third user is the car owner who is in need of Parking. This system has many options and features when it comes to Booking a Parking Site and Security.

  • Users can get learn about parking areas for particular locations
  • It saves user time in search of parking space available in such a long parking area
  • The user can see all the parking sites on the map
  • User can book in advance or book onsite
  • There should also be active Internet connection
  • For Auto search the system requires Active Internet Connection and GPS which may drain more battery than usual

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