Android Anti-Virus Application

This project uses the combined concept ofsignature byte code detection and pattern matching to detect the presence of any malware in the android device and helps getting rid of it so that the user can make the optimum use of the device. It scans various files and checks them against a viral code to detect any signs of a virus or malware. If a virus is found the software app performs one of the two actions:

1. Quarantining: Separating the affected files into a separate quarantine zone.

2. Deleting: Simply deleting the affected files.

As of now, the user can only login into the system using the key & password provided.In future, the application will also provide the following functionalities:
Weekly or daily scanning of files.
Updating the antivirus to search for new virus bytecodes.
Quarantining the virus bytecodes for study on them and their actions and behavior on users device.

Android Anti-Virus Application

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