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Nevon Fitness App With Workout Diet & Motivation
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As people are becoming health conscious nowadays, a significant increase can be seen among the members at various Fitness & Health Clubs. However, it is difficult for the fitness club owners to manually manage the admission entries, keep data of new & old members, scheduling events, etc.

The android app project proposed here aims at automating the management system for Fitness & Training Health clubs. New members can easily get registered with the fitness club by selecting the desired membership program & completing the payment procedure. The members can then access the app by using login credentials.

The users can select a goal for themselves & set a target. The app will notify the users of the upcoming events for which they can get themselves registered if interested. The app consists of various diet plans from which the members can choose as per their body weight & type. This application will guide the members on various body exercises through videos. Also, the users can attend the fitness club’s gym. Additionally, a motivational video section is also included in this app to boost the members’ morale & keep them motivated.

The members can add or edit notes. The club management team can view the list of all the members & can filter them as per their membership program. The club owners can add new events for the members. Thus, this Android App will provide a user-friendly experience to both the members & the fitness club owners.

This system is a complete package of a Health Manage club, like cult fit etc. where a user can take a membership program through app and attend the gym physically along with that, there are n number of services given to them like events, training videos, motivations videos, notices etc. Membership programs and Events are added by the admin alone.

The User has an option to freeze his membership if he wants to halt his membership for some time and resume it later. The QR code is used for attendance which is for future use not involved in the app. User can register or book his slot of an event and it will be added to his google calendar. User can also sign up using his google account.


  • User can use Google Sign IN.
  • User can freeze his account any time.
  • All the events & membership programs are added by the Admin alone.


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.
  • Internet Connection is mandatory.
  • Membership cannot be cancelled.

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