Airport Network Flight Scheduler

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It has happened so many times that you have been waiting on airport for someone to arrive and you don’t have any exact information about flight timing and other stuff. So here we present to you a project on flight scheduler system. Using this system user’s can get the information about flight timing, and is it on time or not, and other information. In this system there is an admin module which enters the detail about flights and its timing and these details passes through internet server and is fetched by the system on other airports, and there is other system that shows flight information to the viewers on Airport. Second system will get all the information of all flights but will automatically select the data that refers to particular airport and shows that information on screen. For example if an admin at Mumbai airport enter information about Delhi flight Chennai airport system will not be effected, but Delhi airport system will show the information about flight. This system works like – when flight is departed late from an airport, admin will enter details about departure and its time, this information goes in real time on internet server and retrieved on other system through internet server and shows the details on screen. This second System is installed on various locations on airport for viewers to view the information. Admin will add information like add flight left from airport, expected arrival at destination, delay in the flight schedule, etc. This project publishes real-time flight schedule events to subscribing multiple client applications.

  • Traveler’s Family can see that if flight is on time or not.
  • All ATC (Air Traffic Control) Centers will know the timing of take-off and landing of flight.
  • Users will get all information about flights timing and is it on on-time or not.
  • Each System Administrator will have to enter the detail of flight into the system manually.

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