Advanced Mobile Store

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This is an advanced mobile store that adjusts according to user choice and ensures most profitability using artificial intelligence. It provides user with an easy and beautiful GUI and shows him a list of products, once the user sees a product and goes through it, the system learns about users choices. Once the user selects a phone, the system remembers the choice for that particular user. Next time the user logs in, the system shows appropriate recommendations for that user along with other products. Once the user wants to buy a mobile phone the system also shows him some mobile covers and mobile accessories for that particular mobile so that he can add it to cart as well. The system bills the user. Billing using credit card system. After billing an email is also sent to the users registered email id. The system also has an admin account that shows when visitors visited the site, which products they saw, their bill amount and when the logged out.

The following are features of this system:

  • Users may login/Register on the system.
  • Users may see mobile phones and add products to cart.
  • The system remembers every users choices.
  • Next time the user logs in, the system shows him appropriate recommendations.
  • Once user selects a mobile, the system shows him various covers and accessories for that particular mobile phone.
  • Once user adds all products and clicks checkout, credit card payment process appears.
  • On successful payment an email notification is sent to that users registered email id.
  • Admin Module shows data for various visitors.

  • User can view details of the products without going anywhere.
  • It is convenient for users to choose what they want as this system provides accurate cost and description of the products.
  • The website is flexible to be used and for e-shopping.
  • User can view different categories of product of different brands at a single place.
  • It provides appropriate suggestions to user according to their choice.
  • The products are delivered to the customer in his/her house so this becomes more convenient for them.
  • The system calculates bill instantly and user can pay online.
  • Hence the system saves time, efforts and cost.
  • The user cannot view the product in person.
  • There is no human interaction.
  • There can be fraud and security problems.

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