A New Hybrid Technique For Data Encryption

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Data encryption has been widely applied in many data processing areas. Various encryption algorithms have been developed for processing text documents, images, video, etc. If we are able to collaborate the advantages of the different existing encryption methods, then a new hybrid encryption method can be developed which offers better security and protection. So, in order to accomplish the Hybrid encryption technique, data encryption techniques using Fibonacci series, XOR logic, PN sequence are studied, analyzed and their performance is compared in this paper. The message is divided into three parts and these three different techniques are applied to these parts and the performance is again analyzed. The application of these three different methods to different parts of the same message along with two keys, namely, segmenting key and encrypting key to provide further authentication and validation is the basis of our paper.

  • The message is secured as it is divided and then each part of the message is encrypted using different encryption algorithm.
  • 2 keys are used which enhances the level of security.

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