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Nevon Spy Camera Android App
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Spy Camera is an Android based project that allows the user to program their mobile phone camera to discreetly click photos or record videos. A user simply needs to first specify whether they wish to use the front camera or the back camera along with the number of photos to be clicked and the buffer time between the photos.

Similarly, the users can also use this system to discreetly record videos as well. This application works seamlessly even in the background of your locked phone and does not require the camera application to be open. The user can also stop the app from taking pictures and recording videos manually without having to open the application.

As the name goes, we spy clicking photos or filming without anyone knowing, the app won’t show any kind of preview. The Main Goal of This App is to Click Picture or Record the Video from The Back/Front Camera Even If the App Is Closed without anyone knowing. In this app, the user has a setting screen where he/she can select if he/she wants to click photo on duration or photo counts also he/she can decide on a buffer time so that the app will wait the time mentioned by the user before clicking another photo. He/she can also select where to click the photo from the back camera or the front camera.

There is also a setting where the user can adjust the duration for the video recording and also that the video that will be recorded should be from the front camera or the back camera. Once the photo or video is captured or filmed the user can view the photo/video in the app, they can share or delete the same. once the process is started app will be closed automatically and a notification will be displayed on the phone if the user wants to stop the process manually, he/she can click the notification and stop the process or wait until the process automatically ends as per the conditions selected on the settings page. The Photos or Videos Captured cannot be seen anywhere i.e., in any other apps but this.


  • User can use Google Sign IN.
  • User can freeze his account any time.
  • All the events & membership programs are added by the Admin alone.