Smart Campus Surveillance and Guidance System

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Smart security systems have notable advantages over regular security systems. Using a smart security system in universities allows educational institutions to combine smart technologies with physical infrastructure for improved services, decision-making, campus sustainability etc.

Our project, Smart Campus Surveillance-Based Guidance System, is designed to help universities have an access to an advanced surveillance system to guide students to their classes accordingly. It will help in monitoring students wandering in and around the campus and assist them in their respective classrooms.

In this project, the front end includes Html, CSS, and JavaScript and the back end includes Python. The database used is MySQL. The framework used is Django.

This Python-based project aims to improve security on and around campus. It just has one module in which the system is managed by the admin. The admin must manually enter data into the system. They have to include all class details, such as the wing and floor where the class is located and the direction to the class. They also need to add class and break times in order to manage and help students appropriately.

The admin then needs to enter information about the students with their photos and assign classes to them. The admin also has to add details about each camera placed on the campus, including the wing and floor where they are placed.

To start the surveillance, the admin has to choose the camera they want to check. If the camera captures a student outside the class, it will recognize the student’s face and the system will verify their class details. If the student is not on the same floor or wing as their class, the system will make use of the speaker to read out the directions to them.
If the student is on the same floor or wing as their class, the system will check their class & break timings and will ask them to return to their class while reading out their class directions through the speaker. The admin can view student logs from the surveillance system.

Directions will not be as per GPS or indoor navigation since the camera is at a fixed place and cannot navigate a class because we don’t have students’ real-time location.


  • TIt is easy to maintain.
  • It helps to control unauthorized access.
  • It aims to deter anti-social behavior.
  • It strengthens the security around the campus.