Shared Office Finder System Using Flutter

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The number of coworking spaces worldwide is estimated to reach approximately 20,000 this year and cross the 40,000 marks by 2024. In a time when digital distractions are always at arm’s length, an increasing number of freelancers and self-employed creatives are looking for a work environment outside of their own homes that offers them much-needed change, stability, motivation, and clarity. Thus, coworking spaces are quickly becoming tools for developing businesses that place efficiency over tradition.

To help individuals find co-working office spaces conveniently, we have designed Shared Office Finder System Using Flutter. Our system can make it easier to find nearby coworking office spaces and one can look for the amenities offered by them within the system itself and find other useful information related to the spaces. Through the system, you should be able to maximize your time better and streamline the coworking space’s operations.

To log into the system, the Owner/Agent must first register. They can manage their profile and change their password. They can add, update, delete, and view the office’s details, as well as its features, such as availability and size, and assets, such as a projector and printer. They can charge a fee per hour to book the office. They need to add, update, delete, and view slot timing along with the available rooms. They can check the booking and accept or reject pending reservations. They can chat with the booked user as well as read the ratings and reviews about the office.

To log in, the user would also need to register. They can manage their profile and change their password. They can look for an office by entering locations, areas, ratings, and features such as projector availability, etc. They can browse the office details and book an available slot. They can make a payment here. They can see a history of bookings and their status. After booking, they can chat with the owner/agent. Only if their scheduled slots are accepted, the user can rate and review the offices.

This project is written in Dart and the database used here is MSSQL, and it is based on the flutter framework. Dart is a programming language that Google developed and keeps up with. A cross-platform framework for building high-performance mobile apps is called Flutter.


  • The system is easy to maintain.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The owner or agent can easily rent a co-working space.
  • The user can easily book the office for work.
  • Easy payment facility.