Secure Digi Locker Application

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Secured Digi Locker is an advanced application in which the file storing makes it very efficient and reliable as we don’t have to carry each and every document with us every time. Legal document such as Passport, Birth Certificate etc. are very important and it can be misused. Uploading it to any server is a risk taking action as it can be hacked and keep it in our phone is also dangerous. Therefore, we have developed a system that saves the uploaded document in an encrypted form and stores it in the Internal Memory, to avoid any kind of hacking internal or external. The main advantage of this system is that it asks for Secure Pin to access the file which we enter while registering ourselves. Secure pin ensures that if our phone is in someone’s hand they won’t be able to access the files. The files are secured in many ways which no intruder can access them in any case. We make uses of SQLite as it’s backend to support the application.

  • AES Encryption is used.
  • Files cannot be lost.
  • After entering valid secured pin the user can download the file.
  • System auto decrypts the files.
  • Encrypted it will stored in Phone memory.
  • This system won’t work in mobile phone that does not support android.
  • It is device dependent.
  • If phone gets formatted, data will be lost as we store data in Phone memory.
  • System will provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly.

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