Online Complaint Registration & Management System using Python

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A complaint system is a set of procedures used in organizations to address complaints and resolve disputes. The main purpose of this project is to help the public in knowing their place details and getting their problems solved online without going to the office regularly until the problem is solved.

Online Complaint Management System provides an online way of solving the problems faced by the public by saving time and eradicating corruption. Our system act as a bridge between the people and the officers in which the people directly register their complaints to the officers online.

The complaints management system makes complaints easier to coordinate, monitor, track and resolve, and provides an effective tool to identify and target problem areas, monitor complaints handling performance and make improvements.

Considering the anomalies in the existing system computerization of the whole activity is being suggested after the initial analysis. Our Online Complaint Registration and Management System is one of the latest productivity enhancement tools used widely by all of them wherever there is a need for booking of compliant.

It provides a platform where the issues of the people can be registered online and can be resolved by the officer also flexibility is provided to the people who can easily resolve their issues by communicating with the higher authorities.

Lack of paper movements provides complaint management operations with a speed which was never envisaged in manual mode at all. The front-end involves Html, CSS, and JavaScript and the back-end involves Python. The framework used is Django and the database is MySQL.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • The system helps users to register complaints without facing a lot of difficulties.
  • Also, they can view updates of their complaints.