Leaf Spring Chassis for Construction Trucks

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Nevon Leaf Spring Chassis for Construction Trucks


Today leaf springs are still used in heavy commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks, SUVs, and railway carriages. For heavy vehicles, they have the advantage of spreading the load more widely over the vehicle’s chassis, whereas coil springs transfer it to a single point.
A leaf spring is a simple form of spring, commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. Leaf Springs are long and narrow plates attached to the frame of a trailer that rest above or below the trailer’s axle. There are monoleaf springs, or single-leaf springs, that consist of simply one plate of spring steel. These are usually thick in the middle and taper out toward the end, and they don’t typically offer too much strength and suspension for towed vehicles. Drivers looking to tow heavier loads typically use multileaf springs, which consist of several leaf springs of varying length stacked on top of each other. The shorter the leaf spring, the closer to the bottom it will be, giving it the same semi elliptical shape, a single leaf spring gets from being thicker in the middle.
The leaf spring chassis of construction truck, aims to show the function and importance of a leaf spring, when it comes to lifting heavy load by a vehicle. This machine consists of 6 wheels and four-leaf springs. When we put load on chassis so that we can see the load distribution on the chassis.

• Simple and robust solution to carry heavy load.
• Cheapest solution for heavy duty commercial vehicles.
• It is not just a suspension element but a robust linkage between the axle and frame.
• It can take not only vertical load but also transversal forces
• No need for additional stabiliser bar in many cases.
• In comparison to coil springs, leaf spring works under the frame and loading surface can be flat .
• It controls axle damp.
• Maintenance free.
• Easy repair (quick fix) possibility especially in case of multi leaf springs.
• The vehicle can continue the journey, if one of the spring leaves is broken in the spring pack.

nevonproject electronics kits
nevonproject electronics kits
  • Components
  • Frame of Vehicle
  • Wheels
  • Leaf Spring
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Mounts and Joints
  • Shaft

Block Diagrams
Front View

Nevon Leaf Spring Chassis for Construction Trucks

Side View

Nevon Leaf Spring Chassis for Construction Trucks

Top View

Nevon Leaf Spring Chassis for Construction Trucks