Flutter Based House Bidding Application

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An auction house is a company that facilitates the buying and selling of assets. People lack awareness about online auctions and online bidding. Even though the online bidding process is transparent, one cannot eliminate the chances of fraud when entering the online bidding market. Therefore, a strong background check is required by both the buyer and the seller, before indulging in the process.

So, our flutter-based House Bidding Application helps to bid on houses that the user wants. The user can add a house for bid and the admin will approve those house details by verifying them or they can bid for the house and the admin will also approve the proposals. This project is written in Dart and the database used here is MSSQL, and it is based on the flutter framework. Dart is a programming language that Google developed and keeps up with. A cross-platform framework for building high-performance mobile apps is called Flutter.

In this system, the admin needs to log in to the system to view all the house details and the users. All the house details added by the house owner can be viewed by the admin and they can accept or reject their bids. The admin can view all the house bookings and their payments.

To login to the system, the user will need to register with their basic details and only then they can log in. Here, the user can be any agency or the owner who wants their house to be added on for an auction. The user can create and update house details and these details will be visible to the admin and they can approve or reject any bidding proposal.

The user will be able to view all their bids and their payments to those bids. For bidding, the user can view all the available house details. Once the user places a bid, later these bids will also be verified by the admin. They can have to pay a token for the winning.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The user can easily view all the available houses that they can bid on.
  • The user can view all the payments and bids in a single place without any difficulty.