Flutter Based Barter Trading System App

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Nevon Flutter Based Barter Trading System App
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Trading one good or service for another without using a means of exchange like money is known as bartering. There are many ways that a bartering economy is different from a monetary economy. The main distinction is that the exchange of goods or services happens right away and is reciprocal, meaning it’s a negotiated or fair trade where each party receives what they want or need in an amount equal to what they are giving in exchange.

Barter Trading System is a straightforward and practical application that gives users the chance to trade, in exchange for what they need even more, all from their mobile device.
The user can exchange any number of items in any combination without spending any money. Basically, trade and bartering work because we all have things and because people tend to want things in exchange for other things.

This project is written in Dart and is based on the flutter framework. Dart is a programming language that Google developed and keeps up with. A cross-platform framework for building high-performance mobile apps is called Flutter.

In this system, the user can log in to the system using a username and password. They can make any changes they want in their profile accordingly and also can change the password to the new one. This system mainly focuses on barter and trading. Here, the user can view the counts of their products and counts of their products that are being exchanged.

The user can search for products by city or category-wise and then they can request for swapping their products. Users can add, update, delete and view any product and product details. They can look for items to barter or swap in the same city or by category. Make any random swap suggestions for comparable items as well. Also, make a swap request. The user may check their requested product lists as well as the status of their swap requests. The user will be notified when the request is accepted.


  • The system is cross-platform.
  • It is user-friendly
  • Anything can be exchanged for anything else.