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Extracurricular activities are sources that have long been a part of the educational system; students participate in these activities, which are not part of the standard curriculum or teaching techniques. Participation in all of these activities, or even just one of them has been linked to social and academic success. Students who engage in extracurricular activities gain from the numerous options available to them. Having better grades, higher standardized test scores and educational attainment, attending school more consistently, and having a greater self-concept were all advantages of participating in extracurricular activities. But there has been difficulty in maintaining a record of all the extracurricular activities as it can be time-consuming and can affect regular classes and academics.

Our Extracurricular Event Tracking System is developed to track students’ hours organizing and participating in cultural events and college fests. This system keeps students updated about upcoming events and maintains track of the events they have attended and the hours they have spent organizing various cultural programs. Thereby, encouraging participation.

The system comprises 2 major modules: Admin and User. The admin can log in using their credentials. They can manage the courses and add the total hours. They can add, update, delete and view students and assign courses to them. They can also add, update, delete and view events along with their details. They can choose the course and include the link to the Meet. The admin can view the records by choosing the courses.

The students/users can log in using their credentials. On the dashboard, the user can see the total hours or completed hours and show up to 5 upcoming events ordered by date and time. The user can view the calendar’s Days, Weeks, and Months. The user can select a date that will show the event assigned. They can also select a date to view or check any events that happened on that day. They can also view dates and events week-wise. They can also view the current month’s dates and events on selection. The users can check all the events they have attended. They can view their profile and change the password if they want. If they forget their password, the system will send an OTP via email. The user would need to enter the correct OTP and reset their password. They will also receive notifications in either of the cases – before an event starts if the event is unattended or hours are not completed.

Note: If any event is already attended, the link to the meet won’t be visible but it will show as already attended. Also, an event link will only be enabled when the device date and time match the event. Any previous event that was not attended will show as not attended. We have not integrated any video meet API. The meet link will be opened on the browser or app.
The front end involves Flutter and the back end involves Firebase. The back-end language is Dart.


  • The system can help the students view all events added by the admin.
  • The students can view all attended events in one place.
  • The system makes it easy to keep a record of student-attended events.
  • It makes it easy for users to access the attended event records.
  • The students can keep track of the hours spent on the extracurricular activity.